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Death In June Drowning The Light Sangre Del Abismo V4

Fri, 14/06/2024 - 21:34

Final version for a while, tinkered around with a lot of patches but ultimately this is what flowed the best.

Not for sale or trade
Death In June Drowning The Light Sangre Del Abismo V4
Death In June Drowning The Light Sangre Del Abismo V4

Wechang_thrash's picture

Did you paint over all the patches as well or get black on black embroidery?? Either way this is very unique

therealfootgobbler's picture

Ordered embroidered with white embroidery and painted acrylic paint over them several times. As it wears it gets this cool silver blackish look.

Envenometal's picture

Woven patches make no sense here.

therealfootgobbler's picture

Wanted to break up the black on black a little bit.

Envenometal's picture

I didn't mean that at all, I had completely overlooked the one.
Definitely the blackest vest I've ever seen!

therealfootgobbler's picture

Appreciate you.

Queen Catsie's picture

"i CaN't ReAd ThE bAnD nAmEs" on hard mode, nice!

therealfootgobbler's picture


LegionWerewolf's picture

i'm feeling ambivalent about this, i do like that everything looks like leather

therealfootgobbler's picture


Bochilis's picture

This is like one of the biggest f*ck you’s to someone lol. Looks bad ass.

therealfootgobbler's picture


bad_american1992's picture

"It's like, how much more black could this be? The answer is none. None more black."

therealfootgobbler's picture


Ahn's picture

This is so gnarly, love the blacked out patches and wicked bands on there!

therealfootgobbler's picture

Appreciate you.

foot gobbler's picture

The 4444 and black cilice look great blacked out

therealfootgobbler's picture

Appreciate you. ⚔️

HaineDeFrance's picture

Definitly one of the best vests on this forum

the conjuror's picture

Very creative!! Looks good.

Nekrostench's picture

Spectacular, beautiful. You said you used acrylic paint, have you ever done the same with screen printing ink? Or know someone who has? I have a bucket of black ink and I am curious.

therealfootgobbler's picture

Hmmmm no I’ve never thought of that. I wonder how that would turn out. If I were you I’d test it on some black denim and lmk how that works, I’m interested in starting another project.

Nekrostench's picture

I have a black denim I could try it on, yeah. If I do and it works out I will post the result!

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