Colorful jacket

Tue, 29/08/2017 - 05:21

I wanted a jacket with entirely colorful patches--black is obviously my favorite color but there's no harm in adding a splash of color to the pit!

Not for sale or trade
Colorful jacket
Colorful jacket
Colorful jacket


Nater90's picture

Nice taste, Where did you get that BP? Looks awesome.

Der Todesking's picture

Sick backpatch!! Cool bands, & I also like colorful patches! Not a fan of these vests/ jackets that only have b/w logo patches on...


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  • +1
  • I'm surprised too.I like it a lot!
  • Love it!
  • Hey, I got this one too!
  • Great!
  • Kick ass, I bloody love it. Just looking at this shirt makes me wanna bang my head
  • How can I buy theses patches I would like to order 3 with the green border been wanting this one for a while now thanks
  • Would you consider selling this?
  • Yea.. that’s the point of a rip..
  • Yeah over here in the states we usually found Tour dates versions. I had to order one from England to get this version
  • Great shirt dude and i have one myself. Line was toooooo long
  • Thanks man, for sure one of my favorite MA albums and shirt as well
  • Total design ripoff from https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/black-flag-0
  • My favorite Morbid album. That print looks insane! The reliefs pop right off the shirt.
  • Yeahhh man.
  • Its a great album as well. Its a shame what happened to warrell...