Classic Rock Vest (Update)


cambotero's picture

love the new front.

ToxikDax's picture

The Ashbury bp is pure class!

Seb Jester's picture

I like it. Good taste man.
Where do you find the demon - night of the demon coffin patch?

Nater90's picture

Classic stuff, Looks perfect, Really like the Ashbury album!

Boss the Ross's picture

Straight to favorite list!

Bolthorn's picture

love it, but why the vertical stripes on the back?
and will you rearange the back so it matches the front (overpatching)?

invisible-horizons's picture

Such an eye catcher! Really appealing to the eye.

Imaginos's picture

Very cool.Prefer the back but real nice overall.


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  • Stunning!
  • Hahahaha, Fuck yes, Love it. Funniest thing I've heard about Princess Di's passing, Snow Patrol played at the
  • Most welcome bro, Fuck oath, haha know the feeling impulse buying at it's best.
  • Ah nice, Fuck yeah, Still need to get myself a Fallen Angel of Doom patch, Such a masterpiece. Could always track down
  • i need this
  • fire as fuck boi
  • Welcome. Oh nice!!! Could you take a closer pic please? Would love to see the details.
  • Why?
  • Do you have anymore stashed Type O patches? I'll go see your Mum and pinch em :D
  • Most welcome :) Third favourite for me personally, Lost Paradise, Shades of God, Gothic, And you?
  • Thanks bro, Me too, Worn it quite a bit haha, Still in disbelief I got to experience the tour.
  • Thanks brother!!!
  • Thanks bro, Yeah I prefer the other design myself, Shipping for a shirt would be $20 or so...The Something In The Mail w
  • Thanks Doc!
  • Haha true, Katatonia, enough said!
  • Jealous!!! No doubt, I've got some live material, Would've been amazing to hear live in person though.