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Guess this TShirt!

Can you guess which TShirt this is from? Click here for all previous guesses

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  • Ha just found them... https://relicsofhumanity.bigcartel.com/ nevermind :)
  • Got it...I really have no argument here...I never visited any fests...but was sure that they sell legit stuff there :) I
  • Cool story and great pic. My question is, where are these Priest buses?
  • I figured he does at least a bit...anyone over 40 in Poland knows it more or less.
  • The grey on the white looks great!!!
  • Very cool! So many great bands!
  • back patch is amazing
  • Great! May I ask where did you get this one? Cheers!
  • Thanks always bro !
  • Affentittengeil
  • I love the Schizophrenia boot. But placing patches - especially stripes - sideways just to cover up leftover space tend
  • Interesting, this one is definitely older than 2000s.
  • I have to agree with Nater. The pentagonal Cancer might work if you place it where Toxik is now. I think Cruel Force c
  • Ebay, from some Italian guy
  • congrats on getting your hands on this gem
  • Outstanding!
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