Black n' White Battle Vest

Sat, 17/03/2018 - 11:03

(Work in Progress)
I have also a DI6 patch but a dickhead rip it off when i moshed in a Cannibal Corpse concert :')
J'ai aussi un patch Death in June mais un trou du cul me l'as arraché pendant que je moshais à un concert de Cannibal Corpse :')

Not for sale or trade


Nitrolubi's picture

Nice. I like especially the Peste Noire and the Revenge Patch. The Mütiilation Backpatch is also really killer. But I'm disagree with that Animal/Human Liberation and the Sea Shepherd Patch from my personal view. Also very interesting stud and white thread work.

ZeChelouMan's picture

Thxs mate, i'm vegeterian and a serious militant for the animal liberation, because i think nature need to be free and we, stupid humans, can't jail others animals like we do.

xasthur1349's picture

Full support for this sentiment!!!

ZeChelouMan's picture

Thank you !

AbysmalWind's picture
xasthur1349's picture

Problem is that is has colors, whereas his vest has a militant B/W theme

Nitrolubi's picture

Ok, i can understand your views, i'm vegetarian and misanthropic too (and low-carb), but i'm doing it for my own health, i'm not really care about this whole animal right thing (in my opinion factory farming is just the worst thing to the environment). I just don't like these radical vegetarians or vegans (which are more worse), because they're mostly political correct antifa scum and i'm really apolitical and anti-pc.

ZeChelouMan's picture

I understand your view, but i'm an antiracist militant too x) Even if i prefer the discussion with "fascists" folks lmao

Nater90's picture

Looks good man.

ZeChelouMan's picture

Thanks mate !

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Awesome Mutiilation backpatch.Nice choice in patches in general.

ZeChelouMan's picture

The back was hard to found but i think it's fckng nice ! Thanks bro

ZeChelouMan's picture

Thanks man, the mütiilation was hard to find !

Corvus Corax's picture

Nice bands. Love the look of it. Sucks about your Di6 patch. People will blindly hate them without truly knowing their works/ideology. Douglas was in Crisis which should tell people what they need to know regarding his stance on things.

ZeChelouMan's picture

Don't worry man it's not a totenkopf patch it's a handwhip patch. And i think it wasn't well sewed for a concert like this X) And i don't wanna wear a symbol like that, it's not respectful you know, even if DI6 aren't nazi

Corvus Corax's picture

Makes sense. I always assume it's their most recognized symbol. I had leather patches of both the whip-fist and the smiling death's-head from a vinyl box set ages ago in the 90's. Unfortunately someone stole them.

corbakurban's picture

Tres bons groupes. Les trucs vachement différents côte à côte j'aime bien.

ZeChelouMan's picture

Merci copin

alexdahmer03's picture

Vraiment belle ta froc mec :)

ZeChelouMan's picture

Merci fraire

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