Black metal vest Update

Tue, 06/02/2018 - 01:44

Added the Blasphemy and Hellhammer patches on the back, Burzum patch and metal pins and buttons on the front. The back is finished. I'll replace the Burzum patch once I find a Beherit patch

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FinnishSalute's picture

Really sick Bathory backpatch! Makes for a great centerpiece. I have a poster of the artwork on my wall here at home.

Natureposer's picture

Thanks! You should post that flag!

FinnishSalute's picture

Hadn't thought of that! That's a good idea tho

Vadim Kokoshkyn's picture

Very good one! The back is very well done!

Natureposer's picture

Thanks man! The front will change as soon as I can put my hands on a good Beherit and Von patches

Vadim Kokoshkyn's picture

Nice! Maybe black studs on shoulders too? I've seen those on some jackets. Adds brutality to it.

Thiellus's picture

Really like what you did with that left-side breast pocket ... any story behind that wiener dog keychain?

Natureposer's picture

I have four wiener dogs haha no story behind it sadly, I didn't knew what to do with it so I wore it there for a while, not it is on another jacket. That place of the jacket is perfect for keychains

Thanks for your comment!

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  • Great
  • Your most welcomed. And I can’t wait to see these Xasthur shirts in the summer!
  • Thank you brother! I hope I will!
  • I knew you’d agree on that bro, you have great taste!
  • I love that shirt man!
  • Amazing!!!
  • full flames! great collection! unholy black metal.
  • Such a bautiful sight! I only miss the Burzum one, agh!
  • Always liked that one! Simply amazing!
  • Awesome shirt!! My friends went to the Budapest show and said that it was definitely unforgetable!
  • Stille Volk ? I'm so surprised that this band is on this compilation, I must listen it.
  • Great selection! Missed out on the Sacrilege patch a couple of years back. The G.I.S.M. - M.A.N.
  • Danke! Gamla Sodom går ej av för hackor!!
  • Jodu!
  • Granar och svart metall!
  • Fyra kronjuveler. Förbannat bra skivor. Tack för elden!

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