Black Metal Vest

Sat, 11/02/2017 - 06:45

My vest, still a work in progress obviously, especially in the open areas on the sides and the small spaces in between the patches and the edges. With the exception of the Behemoth sigil patch and the Burzum backpatch (both woven), they're all embroided patches. Along with the rest of the pins, I threw in a sad Pepe just to get some people riled up. Notice the small blood stain atop the O on the Amon Amarth backpatch, some guy got a nosebleed at an Amon Amarth pit during a wall and managed to get some blood on me, gotta say it was a hell of a show

Not for sale or trade
Black Metal Vest
Black Metal Vest
Black Metal Vest
Black Metal Vest


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