Battle Vest Update 2

Mon, 30/10/2017 - 13:01

So i'm finally done with patch sewing (i think) and am pretty happy with the result. But as we all know, a battle jacket is never trully finished, there's always that extra thing you can still add.
For the moment i'll settle by adding some metal pins, whenever I can.

Not for sale or trade
Battle Vest Update 2
Battle Vest Update 2
Battle Vest Update 2


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  • Yes, really!
  • I still like this album
  • Superb mid 90s nuclear blast breakthrough
  • congratulations AJNIN , 1200 posted items , quite obscene and extreme . ;) \m/
  • Great underrated band
  • that Saint Vitus backshape looks gorgeous in combination with the King Diamond backpatch
  • Haha ... yeah, sometimes dreams come true :)
  • Thanks a lot
  • It really has :)
  • Yes it has. Have to say this bp is really very good work
  • It is ... you will love this one
  • Thanks a lot
  • Haha that's true. A very good replacement for the original one
  • Awesome!! Killer Backpatch!!
  • Are the green eyes glow in the dark? Would make this great design even better.
  • Got a backpatch in mind already?
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