Battle jacket update. Pure death.

Sat, 17/02/2018 - 05:43

I Hate how the circle patches are uneven. I'll fix that soon.

Not for sale or trade
Battle jacket update. Pure death.


Demolition_hell_hammer's picture

Looks great!

Utter Chaos's picture

Really nice one! I love that Bestial Warlust patch!

Nater90's picture

So bad ass, Is the Conqueror the faux leather one?

GoatWhore666's picture

No, it's just embroidered. I didn't know a fake leather one existed, that would be cool to own

Nater90's picture

Just looked up shop it's sold out.. Damn

It's epic man.

Babukus's picture

Badass! Love the red/white/black scheme.

ZeChelouMan's picture

√Čnorme !!

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  • Thanks. Released it myself and a few copies are still available if you are interested
  • I dub this 'the blue meanie' lol, sick piece \m/
  • Euronymous did actually good things.Making the bands famous.He was there with the first BURZUM recordings,and promoted i
  • \m/ nice, I like to think a bit of variation doesn't hurt the site.
  • a few here and there are fine, as long as they dont get too silly, actually in a way, smack my bitch up is kinda "h
  • *shrugs - I've posted heaps of stuff that isn't strictly metal If it is an issue, DoctorDeath can take em dow
  • This shirt rips!
  • !!!
  • thank you!
  • thanks man!
  • Thanks for the flames! :)
  • yeah very lucky to have it. sucks how rare their shirts are
  • Awesome box design!
  • Why post this on tshirtslayer? Since when is the prodigy metal?
  • Love the Ride the Lightning patch! good stuff :)
  • i wouldnt cut off the colllar.i would put a small patch on the back of it and pins on the front. Also the large Frost pa
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