battle jacket 1 xxl

Wed, 20/09/2017 - 18:54

used offcourse but in very good shape
including all the patches and backpatch obituary skulls original 1991
PS don't ask for price just make an offer

Sale only


Nater90's picture

Damn that BPs epic, where do you find all these gems haha.

music4u's picture

hi there thanks
its a nice one i know hahahaha
where i find it is a big kept secret
enjoy the weekend

SatanicGutsFuck's picture

very nice bp! good colors that compliment the vest, and a great band!


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  • Solid stuff!
  • Nice! Very original stuff.
  • waas? gefällt er dir nicht? :P
  • thanks
  • danke. ist von ebay aus mexico. bekommt man für 10€. wird aber n bootleg sein denk ich
  • Nice!
  • Thanks! Like this demon face there too.
  • Really cool!
  • back is simply cool
  • holy shiiiieeettt
  • Only saw them the once, they put on a great show. Cain is a top tier vocalist and performer.
  • A bit disappointed the only Australian show is Dark Mofo. I'm happy that they'd ever come here.
  • Stunning!
  • Hahahaha, Fuck yes, Love it. Funniest thing I've heard about Princess Di's passing, Snow Patrol played at the
  • Most welcome bro, Fuck oath, haha know the feeling impulse buying at it's best.
  • Ah nice, Fuck yeah, Still need to get myself a Fallen Angel of Doom patch, Such a masterpiece. Could always track down