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Autographed Black Metal Beast

Wed, 07/06/2017 - 04:01

Uploaded on the 25th anniversary of the burning of Fantoft, 6-6-1992.

I'm pretty satisfied with how it came along. Although I can still fit in a few more patches, I thought it was good enough to post an update on here. I ended up switching backpatches because I wasn't too thrilled about some of the detail when viewed up close and especially because of all the (in my opinion) wasted space created by the large Burzum text. Other than, I've just added more patches, studded it with british cones, and replaced a few pins since two of them had been pulled off at a show without me noticing (until I looked down and realized there was a brass spike formed from the spring lock where the shell used to be). The vest is made up of a combination of both boots and official patches, but rest assured, for every bootleg patch I own, I own at the very least 4 cd's (with the exception of Nihilist, Batushka, and Storm, of course), so I'm still supporting the bands in another way.

Now to address the elephant in the room, the autograph of metal's favorite arsonist, ex-prisoner, and avid corn flakes connoisseur, Varg. Of course, I didn't run into him here in Wisconsin and asked him to sign it, in fact, I never even saw him in person. What I did originally was contact him by email about some rule quirks me and some friends noticed in Myfarog (his tabletop rpg for those who aren't aware of it) and he responded within a day or so explaining where we made a mistake, so of course, I replied thanking him and seized the opportuity to ask him if he would be willing to sign our main copy of the game, and after about a week of correspondence I was able to convince him. So I sent it all in the mail headed to France, but US Customs got their hands on it and let me know that the spikes were a deal breaker (I added some inch-long shoulder spikes to my vest between my first upload and this one), so they sent the package back, I took off the damn things, and I tried again. I sent another email explaining what happened but got nothing in return. A few weeks went by and I was starting to get worried, but eventually I got the package in the mail with no further response from him, so I just sent him a final email thanking him for everything.

I know Varg gets a lot of shit in the community for what he did in the 90's and says nowdays, but it was thanks to Burzum that I got into extreme metal in the first place, and getting him to sign this damn vest is something I'm proud of. Now I just have to find a way to preserve the signature, either by embroidering it or somehow finding some sort of clear varnish to protect it from the sun, if you guys know what I should do to keep it safe let me know, I honestly have no idea what's best.

I'd just like to give a special thanks to all you guys here on the site who helped me put this thing together with some patches I've been looking for for a while now. In chronological order according to my pm's, cheers to Goatshire, KoloS, Rayearth, R.J., Sepulchral Voice, xasthur1349, wehrwulf80666, Stormbringer81, Necrowhore Impaler, MetalHorror, Nater, and of course, Doc for making it all possible. Hails to all you fine gentlemen!

edit: The Amon Amarth O is still bloodstained for that trve kvlt effect!

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Autographed Black Metal Beast
Autographed Black Metal Beast
Autographed Black Metal Beast
Autographed Black Metal Beast
Autographed Black Metal Beast
Autographed Black Metal Beast
Autographed Black Metal Beast

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