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Sat, 14/06/2014 - 00:48


Guess this TShirt!

Can you guess which TShirt this is from? Click here for all previous guesses

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  • Yeah, top band indeed. It was released by Unholy Patches/Hussein Gonzalez but I think its sold out already
  • I love the vest, I have to know where did you get the poison patch, I've been trying to get my hands on one since t
  • Thanks. There is also an updated version of it
  • fuck yes brother!!!!
  • Thanks dude. I like and looking for your Von shirts and Perversor die hard lp as ;)
  • legendary!
  • Nice One!
  • what a classic, very nice!
  • dang... thats awesome
  • CLASSIC ! ! ! ! ! Full flames!
  • For me it would certainly be one of the two; it is actually really tough to say which I think is the better one they are
  • Yeah! Swedish HC-Punk kicks ass! I have this one, too. :)
  • Nice, wicked back print on this version
  • Nice, wicked back print on this version
  • It does come with a poster. I just didn't take a pic of it. I listed what I got with it in the discription.
  • Great compilation! I have the 2nd pressing of this LP.
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