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Welcome to Heavynkaa!

JoelTue, 22/05/2018 - 21:16

I'm extremely happy I was able to get out of the United States for the first time and attend this phenomenal festival in the Finnish city of Hyvinkaa this past Friday and Saturday.  Excellent food, beverages, merchandise & bands and I love the location in that old wool factory. Metal has it's roots in the blue collar industrial working class so this is a perfect fit. Having shuttles bus us staying at Hotel Sveitsi (highly recommended place to stay by the way) to and from the festival grounds both days was very nice as well. Mortiis and Tormentor playing Anden som Gjorde Oppror and Anno Domini in their entirety was unbelievable, Nokturnal Mortum & Moonsorrow's folkish blackened Pagan Metal was excellent, Cult of Fire were visually and musically impressive, Dodheimsgard were... interesting, Havukruunu were fiery and fantastic (I love that band's riffs. Their most recent album is amazing.), Forteresse were impassioned, Finland's unique and bizarre Death Metal overlords Demilich were outstanding yet again (my third time seeing them), Alghazanth beautifully offered their brand of epic symphonic Black Metal in what was their last public appearance, Necros Christos and Skogen delivered really strong sets of occult Death Metal and Pagan Black Metal, Malokarpatan towered with their excellent riffs and old school Thrash/Speed, Black and Heavy Metal influences, Nattfog presented us with a strong set of Aryan Black Metal, the ladies of Asagraum impressed me with their traditional Black Metal tunes including Carried by Lucifer's Wings which fucking rules! It was so cool to see Destroyer 666 kick all of our asses after that Social Justice Warrior shitstorm shut them down here in Northern California a couple of months ago. The excellently dressed Werewolf accompanied by his pack perfectly belted out all kinds of great Satanic Warmaster tunes starting with The Vampyric Tyrant! My second time seeing Archgoat was an excellent one despite the fact that Lord Angelslayer snapped one of the strings on his bass! THE legends of Swedish blackened Death Metal Necrophobic were brilliant with their charismatic stage presence and badass setlist. Shit, even those big Rock stars Watain were excellent for what they are. Thanks for playing The Devil's Blood! What a outstanding festival!

This posting only covers day one by the way, haha...

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