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Sandmanforce on tour in Prague!

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 22:57

Last week I watched treasures of Prague! Real old city with too much great feelings! Prague my favourite city with great people! The beers, the foods, metal shops are rule! Haha!



cambotero's picture

been twice in Prague,love that city, everything on it its just perfect maybe one day i'll live there, who knows. nice pictures!

sandmanforce's picture

Thanks, Indeed great city!

Nater90's picture

Great pics mate, Looks like a blast!!

I want your hair haha, So long.

sandmanforce's picture

Yes our trip was a blast! Great location, nice people, beers...My hair is grow since 1990...Ha-ha!

Nater90's picture

Good to hear mate!

Haha, Awesome, I was born in 1990! Growing for 27 years....wow I tip my hat to you!!!

sandmanforce's picture

Thanks Mate! 1990 was a great year! Haha!

Nater90's picture

Most welcome mate, Haha true that :D

StereoDeth's picture

First two pics are like POV porn - just with beer and tasty food. Man, I just ate but now I'm hungry and thirsty.


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