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At the Renaissance Faire

Mon, 18/09/2017 - 19:17

Picture taken at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, adorned in black metal gear and my Galgenfrist shirt.



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Renaissance? but steel and modern bullets werent invented until "recently... not to mention canvas pants.. velour etc :)

Atomicide's picture

...or the US of A for that matter ;)

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Yes I know. Despite the armour and bullets, my friends were comparing me to the Sith Lords.

KamikazeKris's picture

Darth Archon?

ArchonSatanic's picture

Well they were calling me Darth Colin...

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

hahah! Thats something that always bugged me about bullet belts in black metal. All these guys with battle axes and sacrificial daggers etc. doing black metal's whole medieval thing.. how do bullet belts fit in with that?

ArchonSatanic's picture

It adds to the style to make it look more brutal.

StereoDeth's picture

Renaissance in a parallel universe. Cyborg Hitler, Hard Bass Bach, Vaporwave Mozart and many more exist in that certain universe.

Behemoth116's picture

Haha nice. Trying to go there later this year.

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There is one word in russian for this type - говнарь (govnar)


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  • Yes,but its too large to wear.Thinking about to trade this...
  • bought it around 2014 from some guy here on tss
  • Biff being Biff - one of the best bands that's still alive!
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  • click the obvious [ask about a trade or sale] link at the top that's RED and UNDERLINED
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