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Pillorian & WIITR live in Berkeley

Thu, 07/12/2017 - 21:51

This was a great experience. The venue was really interesting because it was like a pub/restaurant and then in the back is where the music was happening. Pillorian was first live. I had heard of them but I wasn't extremely knowledgeable about their music, but once they started playing I was really into it. They had a very calming feel. Wolves in the Throne Room was incredible. Unfortunately I only have one photo of their stage prop, I was too busy headbanging to take anymore photos haha.


DoctorDeath's picture

very cool!!! I'm wearing my Pillorian tshirt today! :)

Justicerhodes's picture

Thanks!! Aye niice

KamikazeKris's picture

Wolves in the Throne Room is nice!

Justicerhodes's picture

Yeah they're great live!!

Corvus Corax's picture

I really like the pictures. Sounds like it was a good show.

Justicerhodes's picture

Thanks! Yeah it definitely was

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  • Ohja dat is zeker waar, vaak als ik een band vind ergens op internet en het in 1x meteen heel goed vind luister ik er ee
  • yep, it definitely is
  • thanx again my friend !!!!
  • Saw them at the infamous W├óldrock festival that tour...
  • thanks man :) more than a month now and I think I will quit for good now since I didn't quit because of health or
  • another one of those love-it-or-hate-it bands...
  • thanx my friend !!!!
  • haha... but i really enjoy this band... ah, their show at EMM was amazing...hey, did you read my PM btw ??
  • yep... too bad it's getting so faded you almost can't read the dates at the back anymore....
  • yeah, that old Voivod stuff ... still the best
  • dat zijn de beste bands
  • hehe...yeah, he just demanded to be on one of the pix again haha....
  • yep, damn fine shirt
  • Cool!!
  • yeah, pretty nice shirt... damn cool they play Obscene Extreme this year.....
  • This album rules !