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Photos of the city of Guimarães in Portugal 2014

Sun, 05/07/2015 - 20:10

Photos of the city of Guimarães in Portugal during my holidays in 2014.

This is an historic city due to its role in the fundation of the country. Since 2001 Guimaraes historic center is registered on the list of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. In 2012 the city owned the title of European Capital of Culture with Maribor (Slovenia)

Guimarães is known as "the cradle of the portuguese nation".

Due to its historic side, the city is a touristic destination for all the year and especially for the french tourists, we can hear speaking french from any side!

If you don't know what destination to go for your holidays, come to Guimaraes (or Portugal in general), you will not be disappointed, and the summers are hot, and there is lot of asses and pretty legs ahah!



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  • thanks
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