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Heavy metal party

Acid Shit
Sat, 30/09/2017 - 16:38

Another alcoholic night on my house.

Beers are in the air…..destroy everywhere
In this headbanger night for Satan we’ll fight…!!!


bad_american1992's picture

Smoking cigarettes in the house!!
Great pictures mate looks like a wild time

Acid Shit's picture

It was made with an analogic camera (35 mm film)

If you come to Spain you are invited to come to my house and get some drink with us!

Tose Holocaust's picture

And listen to old school metal in tapes haha

bad_american1992's picture

Will do bro! Cheers

Tose Holocaust's picture

Drinking till death!!

Acid Shit's picture

And smoking cigarettes with you

Corvus Corax's picture

Looks like a great time!

Acid Shit's picture

Thanks man!

Unjustifiablexistence's picture

Damn.. Wish I had such friends.. Fuck it I get drunk by myself

Acid Shit's picture

Drinking is always fun!

JJS666's picture

Thats what im talking about. Enjoying life and having a good time.

Acid Shit's picture

Looking forward this time...


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  • Holy sh*t!!!
  • It looks vintage, cool
  • Good work with Maiden and the overall layout of this piece
  • I'll soon have mine, pretty cool design. ONLY TAPE IS REAL!!! XD
  • cheers Doc
  • Joar, denke vieles gibt es nicht mehr, was ansich gut war.
  • I would like one of this!! Black Fast are Amazing!
  • Killer album and shirt. For the fans of Master's Hammer
  • thanks
  • Thanks so much again man ! I got this from a really cool guy in Slovenia sometime ago. It is only one sided.
  • Thanks so much ! Those cassettes are extremely rare !
  • This one is pretty sweet!
  • Ugh... this reminds me of MA's "Extreme Music for Extreme People" patch.
  • Where did you got this sweater and it has something on the back ?
  • Thank you !
  • That picture was taken in Austria (...if I remember correctly?!)