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Final battle with my friends

Seb Jester
Mon, 11/12/2017 - 22:27

My friend at little brother with me to the Manowar show in Frankfurt Germany.
almost 1000 km to go to this show. but à Amazon concert witch 20 classic manowar songs.
The pleasure was immense to see manowar for the first time and surely the last.
glory to kings.
Hail and kill



kereealazer's picture

Looks like a great time.

meaningless's picture

1000km ?..damn...sounds my Mötley Crüe trip....2 years ago..haha

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Seems you had a killer time :)!
But 120€ for a ticket (for one of the Swedish shows) and 50€ for a shirt that`s truly a ripoff so i skipped this tour.

Seb Jester's picture

it was a bit cheaper in germany
but it was excellent

DoctorDeath's picture

first picture... Y...M .. C... A sorry, couldnt resist :)

Seb Jester's picture

I never think about this. It's funny

ajnin's picture

its shit they will never come to Australia. they can get fucked calling it a world tour!

At least you got to see them and had a good time!

Seb Jester's picture

I agree. This final battle is more a German tour than a world tour.

doomwatcher's picture

It makes sense tho - if memory serves, Germany was always THE center of their fan base.

doomwatcher's picture

...but then due to certain historical events they can't make an album "Hail to Germany", haha :-)

Jen Gruesome's picture

That's really awesome, looks like you guys had a great time, how fun!

KoloS's picture

Kings Of Metal

Thrashattck94's picture

Great band musically, but Joey Demaio can get fucked with a cock on a spear. I hate him and his attitude.

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