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Always Know Your Roots - Lemmy

Wed, 01/11/2017 - 13:48

Thats one of my Cats - Lemmy. The one who mostly run around on some of my pics (always in the background)...and well..also on my last pic-session with the books.

All i can say is: ..He knows -> ALWAYS KNOW YOUR ROOTS ..hahaha.... ;)
I had plenty of books laying around....he only stand/sit on ONE of them.... - White line fever
Nothing more to say.


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Recent Comments

  • Nice shirt.
  • NIce to know of some others existence :) Thanks for the bit of info there brother ! Fucking killer shirt indeed :)
  • Thats the Jay Im talking about!
  • Amazing!
  • killer backpatch. genius designer.
  • What size is it?
  • Absolutely...would be nice if the reunited...would be the perfect timing...as there is some sort of revival of the old D
  • hehe...i thought by myself...let's tease Markus a little bit hahaha
  • Lyx man, einfach nach jedem Update geil. Und richtig feiner Ranz ist auf dem Ding drauf.
  • Cool.......it's so "80's"....
  • Nice one!
  • Yes....got it pretty fast from austria :D Got it from Bob Moon at a Festival. Maybe he still has some...
  • Nice, you found that back patch!
  • I know 3 rubber patches that are missing....sadly not that easy to get. But thanks for the informations!
  • Looking good Vince!
  • Fräck som fan!
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