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Hells Head Bangers (hoodies)

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Recent Comments

  • I had a chance to see Nik Turner play near my area, some things held me back that kep me from doing so.
  • Cool man! these tapes were a great source to discover great cool bands, and yes!
  • Hey, that's pretty cool! Not a band you ever see or hear about here on TS and for that I say 5 flames, brother!
  • Just a thought... A bp is like the flagship of patches on a kutte. It should prob be ur fave or almost fave band.
  • No backprint
  • No, unofficial, but thanks!
  • these are all fucking so good!!! Really love teh Sepultura one and the CC one!
  • I love the Sepultura pin.. been looking for ages :(
  • this is so fucking cool!!!
  • sweet tee!
  • Man i need so bad!! Just beautiful!
  • Cool....you will have a great time. The new album is really killer as well...picked that up last night also.
  • Thanks Nater. They had about 5 different shirts and they were all really good. It was a hard choice.
  • yea I am going to the melb show 100% seen then before. It will be a good night!
  • What's up with that prong shirt
  • Yeah, I saw them last night. Awesome show even though there weren't many people there.

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