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Gentry Lord - Garden of Screaming Skulls from
Paprika Jancsi

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Recent Comments

  • Jajaja andale! Ya para estar mas serca de tener la coleccion bien bien xD
  • mm I don't think so, I'll have to look for a trade since is univaliable in all distros. Where do you find it?
  • te vendería el mio pero nel xD
  • Ya ni me digas u.u y la playera!
  • Great shirt!
  • te falta el EP xD
  • True that, I wear different jacket to different gigs, Depends on what the genre / who the band is, Is what I choose to w
  • Cool. Maybe a Dark Funeral strip patch under Venom.
  • Send me your price What you have in mind
  • it should be there and cheers on the boss ass patch
  • how much?
  • I bet I'd look fabulous wearing those shorts 7u7 :v
  • how much for municipal waste and slayer
  • I've literally just traded some patches you're looking for stuff I don't even need anymore at this point.
  • what are you looking for
  • Doom always kicks ass.

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