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Recent Comments

  • en op het grote podium hahahha had beter uitgekomen op skatefest podium als je het mij vraagt
  • Thank you :)
  • Many thanx for the flames. Will upload some more Sil Khannaz shirt :)
  • De linup dit jaar is het geld wel waard.. coole pic.
  • Lol thats awesome.
  • I'm not sure about the black ones but those loafers (if that's the correct word for them in english) definitly
  • ah, The Exploited is awesome... seen them couple of times live...
  • Yeah great album and as the Buther say the record who made Kreator a dealy force again.
  • Hahah no man.. Almost every battlejacket is an ongoing progress.
  • You're saying it, like I'm the only one on TS.
  • Cool shirt cool band! Not at all into Punk actually but love their more metallic stuff if you get my point. This album a
  • Think of Running Wild during the Black Hand Inn and Masqurade era.
  • Haha, I'm fukking the parking lot too lol
  • Im not familiar with the band but i like the artwork
  • Great pic
  • Yep Gizter, cool shirt. Also has one for myself from Rotten Cotton. Had been thinking of wearing it that day too :)

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