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Severator - Reign of terror from


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Recent Comments

  • The real fuckin' deal! I'm sticking with my Back on Black vinyl reissue though.
  • Yeah, I've heard! I definitely need all three haha.
  • I believe that came from eBay but it has been so long I don't know the seller.
  • the pink bowl is pretty necro hahaha anyway when I look at this I don't think of black metal though I think more li
  • thx sir :)
  • palsu ini mah om, dr svrabaya tp fine bgt kualitasnya lumayanlah
  • Hem....sorry man ahaha!
  • Ahahaha i was waiting your comment about the "boxed print"
  • Looks really fucking good already, can't wait to see the rest!
  • I have it too
  • The inside patches really don't belong there, and long sleeves aren't really my things, but this looks great!
  • 10$ for em!
  • Dude i love those patches! Would u sell me ur violator patch!! Msg me 2132954324
  • That'd be funny and awesome haha mainly funny lol
  • I've seen then with the casualties as well man.
  • Fuck yes it's a fantastic record. My only complaint is that they only did the vinyl version on picture disc..

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