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Recent Comments

  • Hahah I know right! But the music they make is goooood
  • The fabled Incantation - Scapegoat patch! Still looking for that beauty.
  • Indeed. Thanks man!!
  • Great stuff! I've never seen this Incantation patch! Looks great!
  • Cult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • +1
  • You are welcome my mate!
  • Yeah!!! Thanks.
  • Indeed. Thank you man!
  • very clean, weird placement but it works very well. favorited, very nice job.
  • LMFAO!!!!!!
  • There's actually only one thing that I don't like about this shirt.... It's not mine. ;)
  • Great shirt man!
  • De deal is gemaakt. Maar ik juich nooit voordat ik em op de deurmat heb. :)
  • Checked your gallery and notice that patch for the first time.
  • this is the greatest Slayer patch ever, I love my copy

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