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Maniacal Miscreation - Gaze Into Collapsed Abyss from

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Recent Comments

  • Had a pair since 2013 or 2012. Still love them, albeit covered in a bit of sick and dirt.
  • yes, plenty
  • http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/人彘/3540304433
  • sent it to Stiopa yesterday. sorry i went to a festival so didn't login TSS for days.
  • damn, whats that red and blue one? looks cool
  • Man i hope they do another tour and come to indianapolis! Love Solstice!
  • Great! So sad I couldn't make it there this year.
  • That MC patch!!
  • Thanks Jeff, they are great live, the manning bar will be rocking
  • Killer shirt mate. Can't wait to see them in October.
  • Tröjan måste va i small också, om jag ska kunna ha den. Vet inte om jag har så mycket häftigt.
  • Absolutely awesome jacket man!
  • Indeed
  • great collection, bloody glove from the shining...sounds like a full on show
  • impressive demo's there
  • Thank you!

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