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Nuclear Blast

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Recent Comments

  • Damn that look awesome. I love the art of the new album.
  • I don't know either, but GOD this is sick! Any more?
  • Jammer, want op dat na zou ik die ook wel nog kopen :D
  • Wat zit ik nu ih Engels bezig! Te laat door dat je een Nederlander bent :') Idd!
  • Pretty cool. Shame merch from them is hard to come by, and bad when you do. You print this yourself?
  • Amazing underrated band! I still own the demotape Richard sent me when it was released.
  • You should follow suit and take a picture of you in this one, we'll get a size chart rolling of "How a Sodom s
  • Great shirt. Classic album!
  • Great vest.
  • Cheers man!
  • ace \m/
  • Thanks for the interest. I will send a private message in a few minutes. :-)
  • Thanks.
  • Thanks. It is printed with a special sparkling silver ink. Simple and effective. :-)
  • This would induce instant blindness in most people.
  • This might be the ugliest shirt known to man. I have not been man enough to wear it. [Laughs]

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