Bleeding Runes

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Feral Hate - Persecutor of Death from


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Recent Comments

  • lol funny shirt dude
  • unbelieveable fantastic album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • fantastic box set..have the same... u have the shirt too right?
  • looks pretty nice :) ..and it sounds much better then the stuff i had to review some years ago...
  • still love this pic :D
  • very nice..and one of the best albums ever recorded!!
  • Pyöveli is the only finnish band there :D
  • interesting..haha :)
  • looks nice, how sound Hangöver? :D
  • lol
  • totaly trashed my friend..hahaha..i hope u had a lot of great partys while wearing this shirt :D cchhheerrrrsssss
  • lol dude..love ur discription..hahahahaha
  • Venom + nude Chicks = pretty fine , imo :D
  • sssooo many totaly kick ass pins dude!!...damn..
  • i just like Octopus(sys) [LOL sorry...i cant resist..hahahahaha] ...and all this tentacle stuff..., dont ask me why..i
  • its an interesting band..nothing what i would buy..but they have something interesting in their music

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