Watain - Reaping Death Tour 2010

Sun, 29/01/2012 - 11:46
Not for sale or trade


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Recent Comments

  • Congrats! Still one of the best selections I've ever seen
  • 97? Känns ju som ett skapligt godtyckligt antal.
  • No printed, but they are waterproof and UV protected as well.
  • Nice one, A band I keep coming back to. They're re just so delightfully quirky.
  • They are woven ?
  • Well worn!
  • Very cool, great bands. Thrash till death my friend!
  • Puke!!!
  • Fucking awesome! I feel privileged I was able to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark a couple of years ago to witness their on
  • Perfect!
  • I made them myself.
  • A German liking Asta Kask? I'm impressed!
  • Great design and a really underrated band imo. (If you ever want to part with it, let me know.)
  • Very, very cool shirt man, one of the best Aussie doom acts.
  • Thank You!
  • I hear that, I'm always adding stuff to every one of my jackets lol.

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