Watain - Reaping Death Tour 2010

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ThunderWorks - Thoughts And Thunder from


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Recent Comments

  • Great looking vest, simple and nice! Love that Korpiklaani patch
  • no way, this exists? instantwant!
  • Well if you ever do get any stuff that I may be intetested in just tell me and I'm sure we can sort something out
  • On of my favorite albums in the entire world !!
  • very good shirt indeed, marvellous collection. still searching!
  • Great shirt, but I don't have anything interesting up for trade though.
  • Damn, vet Emilio, dat was men eerste keuze maar ze hadden enkel Black Writs geprint.
  • \m/
  • Same as the Lost in the ages... i need one!!
  • Awesome,where did you get it? I NEED IT!!!!
  • Awesome
  • its Mdc what thrashing death said there a hardcore group pretty good band I think!
  • Thank you!
  • Millions of Dead Cops (MDC)
  • damn nice! tell us your secret!
  • killer tapes man!

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