Toxic Holocaust Shirt





Haha, I have the same shirt but it's totally black&white, how come yours yellow?


Wouldn't know lawlz

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Bloodwraith - Hail Prometheus (rehearsal version) from


Which TShirt?


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Recent Comments

  • The front reminds me of Ghost.
  • Nice! Wormphlegm plays some sick stuff.
  • I thought about buying one when they played in Helsinki, but then I just bought two shirts and a patch aand then didn�
  • they used to have this print in white on a dark red bag, and in black on the same green bag as the one i have.
  • BEGGING to be re-printed!
  • Thank you! I see that you also have one really nice backpatch!
  • Ei tuo kustantanu ku vitosen. Haha! Toivottavasti ne ens vuoden puolella eksyin myös sinne.
  • lovely backpatch
  • Aijaa :D Eikö tule kalliiksi ompeluttaa siellä?
  • I will have some patches in a few days, as soon as you arrive you may see! thanks mate
  • Yeah, they sold in on their past tour, for hipsters like me :D
  • Mad fast!
  • Too bad. Well, I'm always down for alternative offers.
  • the Ratman patch this on my battle jacket , that's why I mention that I have nothing of his want list! :/ :(
  • best backpatch ever made! would pay a lot for this one!
  • Morgoth cotton bag? :D Nice work, man!

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