Toxic Holocaust Shirt





Haha, I have the same shirt but it's totally black&white, how come yours yellow?


Wouldn't know lawlz

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Recent Comments

  • Very very nice
  • Yeah, there should be a rule for every band that they need to have a shirt with just the logo, white/gray on black.
  • Great collection!
  • Polish Cult! 68686!
  • Haha cool pics, Number 5 is a pisser, Some Jazz is pretty good in my opinion.
  • Great patch! Have the same one.
  • Nice Nice, I fucking love Goatpenis (Not in that way....) I remember the first time I played them on my radio show, My m
  • Wow.....This is just amazing, Great piece!
  • Great band and patch!
  • Oh cmon....Not everyone likes it for the norks.... http://www.worldometers.info/world-population/ Just most of the men
  • Anvil are great!.
  • Damn nice!
  • hatte meinen auf dem desertfest berlin gekauft und zerschnibbelt
  • Danke für die Blumen ;) Jop, der Colour Haze ist Selfmade, das Motiv stammt von einem Colour Haze T-Shirt.
  • ahahaah yes it's because of the boobies, guys love boobies right??
  • sehr geil! das shirt zum BP zu machen passt einfach so dermaßen,top!

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