Toxic Holocaust Shirt





Haha, I have the same shirt but it's totally black&white, how come yours yellow?


Wouldn't know lawlz

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Recent Comments

  • Well said. It´s going to be great! Looking forward to new pictures!
  • Only front print
  • Very nice begining! Full Flames!!!!! Do you know where can I find a jacket like that?
  • danke vielmals!
  • Ist zwar schon alt, die Antwort, aber ich stimme Mad Marvin zu.
  • Hammergeile Kutte! Das Bolt Thrower Shirt, mit dem du die Innenseite gefüttert hast, hab ich noch in meiner Sammlung.
  • Super!!!
  • thx lads, I cherish those years, I think they lost it in 2015...?
  • thx lads, Must be an L or XL
  • Like!
  • very nice pics :D
  • Putrid Offal...,nice one, indeed
  • Classical shirt, and legendary backprint...
  • often u dont need more then a good logo on a shirt..and u win :D
  • nice shirt
  • was never my band..but was always loving their Covers!!!! ...full flames for Tshirt-Junkie-Business :D

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