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Awesome shirt!


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Recent Comments

  • Vampire Coffin gone.
  • Really nice!
  • Awesome, Thought it looked brighter and better then what I've seen, Looks great!
  • Thanks! Yes!
  • Gamma Ray, Venom Stripe, Venom AWWS, Satan, Nuclear Assault, printed DIO, KPN, Sleep either gone or on hold.
  • Amazing pictures man! Looks amazing!
  • Fuck yeah! True that man, One of my personal favourites.
  • Nice band cool shirt!
  • Thanks! Sometimes bootlegs have better prints :) , thanks for the kind comments
  • i think u didnt understand me, he said he had some vintage patches.
  • hehe. I needed something metal for Christmas day :)
  • Aww yes. Genius. I love me a good metal pun.
  • EMP sold this between 2000 to 2003.
  • cheers man! still their best release imo
  • cheers dude! pictures dont quite do it justice, looks great in-hand
  • you know it! cheers man!

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