S/T- Bathory

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:45

Fast becoming one of my fave shirts. Also seems to be a shirt more or less everyone has, but i still love it.

Not for sale or trade



Classic. Every metalhead should own this shirt.


yeah. aesthetically it's a great design. simple, but awesome.


Yep. This shirt is pretty much a metalhead staple.

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Recent Comments

  • yeaah great one!
  • Great album, I was really looking forward to this release and really started to love this one over time. The work is rea
  • Not having listened to a majority of their albums I can't really agree. But judged on it's own merits.
  • Yeah, we've already had this discussion. ;) Not a point against the shirt, just something I noticed.
  • Yeah, so I've heard. But to be fair, layout and album covers have never been this bands strong point.
  • Thanks! Now I can start to get rid of at least some of my leathers, heh.
  • Great flag!
  • Sweet jacket man!!! Really like it. Looking forward to seeing what u do with it!
  • Nice edition.Like the colour of the shirt.
  • One of the best backs I've ever seen! I'm really strugling with my vest, so I can appreciate it even more.
  • 突然想到个问题,祭坛周边那一圈你怎么固定?
  • Hey, another Hammerheart BP. Haven't hardly seen any of them. I got the same on mine.
  • You can have multiple pictures in posts. Nice taste, Great BP, Really great album.
  • BATHORY AND MARDUK!!! Dude this rules!!!
  • THAT deserves 666 flames. It looks amazing man!!! Black on black!!! Anything on back?
  • I need this in my life. Anyone got any for sale PLEASE?

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