S/T- Bathory

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:45

Fast becoming one of my fave shirts. Also seems to be a shirt more or less everyone has, but i still love it.

Not for sale or trade



Classic. Every metalhead should own this shirt.


yeah. aesthetically it's a great design. simple, but awesome.


Yep. This shirt is pretty much a metalhead staple.

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Recent Comments

  • Some killer bands, I should check out Bonded By Blood more, Got an album in a bulk lot, Was pretty epic.
  • So killer!!! The new BP looks amazing. How long have you had it for in total?
  • Awesome!!! Great one mate.
  • Wicked band! Never seen the Live In L.A! Any good?
  • Not fan of the white....But great band and design!
  • mate, if i had two id give you one, it's definitely a treasure in my collection.
  • i would live every day in this shirt!
  • Wicked shirt from a wicked band!
  • I want this shirt so bad!!!!!!!!
  • Heaps of epic bands, Loving the Kyuss patch! Great band.
  • Thanks mate! Sure is!
  • Hhahaahaha holy shit! hahahaha
  • What a classic record this is! This is top-tier Power/Speed Metal!
  • -l- I can't stand the direction they took later, but those early EPs like Ignis Creatio and Waves of Erotasia are
  • coole sache eins fehlt noch hammer smashed face :)
  • amazing

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