S/T- Bathory

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:45

Fast becoming one of my fave shirts. Also seems to be a shirt more or less everyone has, but i still love it.

Not for sale or trade



Classic. Every metalhead should own this shirt.


yeah. aesthetically it's a great design. simple, but awesome.


Yep. This shirt is pretty much a metalhead staple.

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Recent Comments

  • Nice shots.
  • Oh yeah...That's amazing to! Just so many great albums and artwork!
  • Always enjoyed a blaze in the northern sky cover.
  • Great pics, Would love to see Dimmu live.
  • Most welcome, Yeah it has got amazing artwork! I also love Panzerfausts and Soulside Journey's.
  • Thanks Nater...I went with the Transylvania one...just such a great image. But could have gone with 2 others easily
  • Oh sorry for that pal hahaha, yeah I san it and loved it, but hey, I Mau be able to get another one and I'm sure th
  • That is the definition of fuckin' haggard!
  • Fucking great taste, Love the Ne Obliviscaris BP! Their fucking amazing.
  • Great taste man! Loving the BP, I'd love a Darkthrone BP but picking my favourite is to hard...
  • Well, I was actually directing that question to Nightrider, but I'm glad you answered.
  • Both. The fact is I love almost every metal subgenres, but I also love good quality patches haha
  • Thanks bro!
  • Are you a fan of the album or do you just appreciate the quality of the graphic?
  • cheers...the hood can always be taken off.
  • You're not a fan huh? Oh well. To each his or her own I guess.

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