S/T- Bathory

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:45

Fast becoming one of my fave shirts. Also seems to be a shirt more or less everyone has, but i still love it.

Not for sale or trade



Classic. Every metalhead should own this shirt.


yeah. aesthetically it's a great design. simple, but awesome.


Yep. This shirt is pretty much a metalhead staple.

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Recent Comments

  • need this!
  • This shirt fuckin' rules. Hails Satan!
  • Thanks a lot man! Personally I've always loved this format.
  • The Doc's are great..hehe
  • awesome!
  • Really curious to see the back too...Nice layout and awesome taste in music
  • ziet er erg mooi uit inderdaad.... het is niet een nieuw iets trouwens; werd vroeger wel meer gedaan ....
  • that's a cool shirt... and a fine band....
  • great pic!! :D
  • Awesome!
  • Really like that backpatch!
  • Jest, ludnica samo takva, nadam se da ćeš dopičit koji put do Rijeke kad bude kakvih svirki! :D
  • yep, they should have dome an all over shirt for that one...
  • Just caught this. Fucking amazing idea for a bootleg.
  • Unfortunately not. But my wife was.
  • yess, old school stuff the way we like it...

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