scorpions ,alice cooper ( live to rock 1996 )



Great event shirt; did you find it in ebay, right ?


no...i bought it from my friend here mr

thx 4 the vote n comment here mr


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Recent Comments

  • Hey, cheers brother \m/
  • Thanks, used to be able to hold a pint. Now its just over half a pint.
  • Thanks 4 the kind words! Gotta love Neil. Saw him for 1st time in London in '74 with Crosby, Stills & Nash.
  • Me pille la misma en Murcia y alguna cosa más.. Buen bolo
  • Nice one . Australian Maiden shirts are always rare!
  • This right here is a collection of AWE-SOME.
  • Glad I could inspire you :)
  • yeah, nice old shirt...... again, i mis Dynamo Open Air..... what a great fest; many good and crazy memories
  • nogmaals bedankt.... geweldig shirt....
  • haha yea :D but i didnt expect the smurph coffin to be that large ^^
  • The Anathema looks amazing, Sick stuff mate!
  • Yeah mate, I'll try get better pictures
  • No words really needed for this masterpiece. Full flames!!!
  • Nice, didn't know that Anathema put out a RSD release!!!
  • Black Metal. Brutal.

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