duke dearth
Sun, 20/03/2016 - 19:27

Official "Legendary Tales" shirt.
Pm me!

Sale only



one of the best power metal albums ever


Measures? armpit to armpit and length, maybe fits me well.

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Recent Comments

  • The guy who made them its an artist! Hehe seriouly im happy that you like it my friend :)
  • I really would love to find one of these for myself! Such a cool patch!
  • Holy shit, this is amazing!
  • Agreed. Their first two 7 inches, Ignis, and Waves, are all I can stomach from them.
  • I agree, absolutely.
  • That's a sweet find, good shit man.
  • You mean a shirt for Isle of Man?
  • Looks awesome! Not a big fan of Watain though.
  • You're welcome man.
  • Fuck yeah. Thanks for the flames.
  • Hell yeah man. Thanks for the flames.
  • i agree, im also fond of Blessed and the Formulas records as well.
  • Death Metal masterpiece!
  • Sorry mate, its not for sale/trade! I had many offers already, haha! Wish ya the best of luck finding one!
  • Thanx mate! Love that album!
  • Cool!

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