LonewolfWed, 18/04/2012 - 05:47
Not for sale or trade
TShirt or Longsleeve - Poison..
TShirt or Longsleeve - Poison..



Amazing Black/thrash. Too bad they were so short lived.


I want to order this unholy shit from 80-s

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Recent Comments

  • yeah... saw their gig at my hometown... think some 40 people showed up....
  • got this one aswell. honestly this one is better then the second one. Second one is to edgy
  • Definitely not. In their defense, the 90s was a tough time for thrash.
  • thanx mate... cheers from an addict hahaha
  • their weakest album... but not totally useless i think
  • Yeah it's not their best (especially without Chaim Witz behind the mixing board haha), but it's definitely wor
  • Woah! Didn't know that! Can't wait to see what it'll look like on a vest!
  • yep, and woven. If I'm not mistaken it's one of their first patches
  • wow, looks great
  • Yeah that's cool man. Vintage I'm guessing?
  • thanks! love how its the shape of the white At the Gates patch, it'll be a great fit in a lot of places on my vest
  • had to make sure I bought as much as I could, since I know I would never see these again (at least for a long time)
  • Didn't know about the limited edition CD! I'm hoping to see these guys live one day.
  • Great Thin Lizzy patch!
  • Looks great all around to me!
  • so many Sacrilege patches.. the white square is the best. only seen it once before.

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