Opeth - Orchid girls hooded top

TwizWed, 18/04/2012 - 19:21
Not for sale or trade
TShirt or Longsleeve - Opeth - Orchid girls hooded top
TShirt or Longsleeve - Opeth - Orchid girls hooded top


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Lobotomy - Speed Metal Breakdown from
Iwan Uchida

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Recent Comments

  • Niiiiiice ! One question .. is the Bastard Priest and Black Breath Patch still available ? Would you sell them ?
  • nice jacket!
  • nice one...not rly one of my fave releases by Grave..but still a good one (Grave-Fan!..hahaha)
  • great one, have it too!
  • In The Woods...rarely seen merch of these guys...very nice
  • i like it on white :D
  • full flames for the soft side of gloriousdeath :D
  • i rly enjoy this album..still...very underrated imo
  • rarely seen, nice LS!
  • very nice..u have a insane collection my friend!
  • always full flames for this one :D
  • DAMN..what a gem!
  • damn..great shirt, nice to hear u have enjoyes the show :D Aborted are great on stage :D
  • I have the vinyl version...like this stuff
  • simple but rly nice shirt
  • damn damn nice..band and shirt!

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