Napalm Death 'Utopia banished' shirt

shellfire defense
Tue, 17/04/2012 - 11:29

Size XL
in good condition
for a wantlist just take a look at my profile

Not for sale or trade
Napalm Death 'Utopia banished' shirt
Napalm Death 'Utopia banished' shirt



nice!how much?

shellfire defense

first read, then write :-P

Teresa Saggaf

how much ?

shellfire defense


Teresa Saggaf

Ha ha. When they has playing at Indonesia, they not bringing some merchandises. very unfortunate.


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Recent Comments

  • True that mate!
  • For sure mate!! If you win you buy me one!
  • if you win the lotto.. you can buy me one too haha
  • Unless we win lotto then get it haha
  • haha yeah, that would be a good way to go....
  • Me to brother, I think I might sell my arm and leg when I'm on my death bed, Listen to it and die a happy man.
  • yeah.. i think i rather have my arm and leg hahaha
  • Yeah costs an arm and a leg...Probably the last thing I'll get!
  • still looking for Death Execution compilation lp on Holycaust Records... that one is pretty expensive !!!!
  • Large.
  • Indeed mate...So sad, Slowly getting all of Morbid's stuff, Some is hard to get sadly but I'll get there!
  • yes, he certainly was... sad to see a talent wasted like that....
  • True that man! Dead was an amazing artist and lyricist.
  • Lucky! Love this album and the artwork!
  • thanx... yeah, love this shirt... Cool artwork done by Dead.....
  • Great shirt mate! http://cdn.discogs.com/fWC5325ECIyb5FQULRGaHdZEtDo=/fit-in/300x300/filters:strip_icc%28%29:format%28jp

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