metallica-local crew 1989

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 07:37

metallica-local crew shirt 1989

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Recent Comments

  • That violent force patch looks really cool.
  • Fucking amazing jacket, one of the best here.
  • That is tiny.
  • Awesome!
  • Killer!
  • Awesome man! Love the Exodus patch. I know the feeling of weekend work. Live for the time you get to listen to metal!
  • Killer! King Diamond shirt!
  • Awesome, keep it fuckin metal! \m/
  • Pretty cool definitely different..
  • you could do the same for Scotland with a Red Rampant lion patch..
  • One awesome shirt..
  • Excellent job, Rock on!
  • Killer t-shirt ! Even got the Tel Aviv gig on it :)
  • hahahaha zwervers zouden er zo tof uit moet zien :) is je vriendin nie egt van de metal ofzo dan? mijn vriendin is wel
  • The shirts, hoodie, patch, a beanie, and a small logo pin. Thats all I remember.
  • Very cool!! Just ordered a set. Loving this site, spreading the word. Thanks!

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