metallica-local crew 1989

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 07:37

metallica-local crew shirt 1989


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Recent Comments

  • im interested in this longsleeve
  • Not familiar with the band, but the patch looks really old-school!
  • It's times like this that make me wish I lived in Europe.. Awesome shirt!
  • For people that want to pay via paypal, I do have it, so you can contact me
  • Your right this is a beauty
  • that goes without saying !!! you still got this for sale ?
  • jóság
  • na, ez megvan nekem is. szép!
  • Love this shirt ! And great band !
  • Great one !
  • ya gotta love promo stuff .
  • looks like same one i have , should be made by poker 1990 or is it different ?
  • Wow, thanks a lot man!
  • don't really know, well I had to help alot.
  • Ehkä se Saksan reissu on pihistelyn arvonen.
  • nice pin!!! whats it got stamped on the back ?

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