Metal Church T-shirt



Nice shirt!

Grave Dancer

thank you :)

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Recent Comments

  • I plan on covering most of it. I dunno about completely.
  • Bad ass!
  • It's not from a t-shirt, it's a true backpatch...bought it on the "Blood Oath" tour in Montreal 5 ye
  • Agreed!! It was amazing hey!
  • was a great tour...2 great bands
  • Dam wish I had something to trade yah :(
  • yeah the ozzy patch it awesome...same with the kreator one. looks like it will a great jacket.
  • good layout good luck sewing them on i know mine has been a pain in the ass
  • That ought to be fantastic! I'd love to see Demilich live.
  • haha unfortunately i missed Demigod at MDF '12 but ill be seeing Demilich in a few weeks!
  • Thanks a lot man!
  • Fucking awesome! I love cutting out the logo shapes with scissors, just been doing that to my latest vest.
  • nice :) are you gonna cover it completely?
  • Ahhh ok. I figure if anyone has em all it would be you. i myself only have 5 so far!!!!
  • I have in highschool, and i use it till just a rag was left :(
  • yeh they need sewing on

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