MARDUK 'Those of the unlight'

shellfire defense
Sun, 15/04/2012 - 19:29

Size XL

in good condition

for a wantlist just take a look at my profile

Trade Only
TShirt or Longsleeve - MARDUK 'Those of the unlight'
TShirt or Longsleeve - MARDUK 'Those of the unlight'



Awesome Old Marduk shirt 666


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Hyperion of Nefrax - Isdronningens Ødeland from

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Recent Comments

  • hahahah now that I started I will "metalize" many different things! hehehe
  • HAHAHAHAHA Fucking great idea!! i have to do the same <3
  • Propably. Mine is not for trade/sale.
  • Thanks a lot!!
  • Thanks. So it is only available second hand?
  • Awesome. And again i have to ask if these are still available.
  • It was done around 3-4 years ago by now defunct German label Supremacy Through Intolerance.
  • Yes it is... http://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/spear-of-longinus-christ-spears-logo-shirt.asp
  • Every time i see this i almost cry over trading mine.
  • Nice one. Are they still available?
  • Damn. I need this.
  • Indeed a great album!
  • Спасиб братан!))
  • I love that album!
  • the man and the legend himself!!!
  • The best shirt hahaha! Saw them live 3 times by now, always amazing.

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