Galadriel Renascence of Ancient Spirit - t-shirt

Fri, 02/03/2012 - 16:57

A shirt from this doom/death Slovak project, known for their nice fantasy imagery and lyrics. This album they went a gothic/Gothenberg direction. Not very inventive but killer vocals, a nice foresty-feel, and a depressive tone. Lyrics are fantasy or dealing with sorrow and man's shameful destruction of the natural world. That I can appreciate for sure. I also simply just love the bright green oak leaves on the front. That evokes what I love, that oneness observing nature.




Great band. I really like the stuff from their "The Mirror of Ages". I've only seen one copy of it on eBay for about 40USD. I wish there would be like a re-release. Although I have seen a cheaper copy of the 2CD compilation of the early albums.


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Recent Comments

  • killer vest !
  • <3
  • Great band! Where did you get the patch and how big is it?
  • Ich dachte eher an window colour
  • PM for price..
  • I've been looking for one of those quite some time now. Mind telling me how you came by this one?
  • Such a great band, sucks they aren't that well known, and I'm getting that same patch :D
  • PM for price..
  • PM for price..
  • Thanks!
  • Haha thanks guys. Yup they were drinking since they landed here and drank more even afterwards.
  • awesome as always! perfectly arranged!
  • Now that's a killer shirt!!!
  • If you need help with cash I could buy your jacket and keep it for you and you can buy it back from me for the same pric
  • eyvallah ciğerim ;)
  • thank you :)

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