Exumer 'five nights of fire' shirt

shellfire defense
Mon, 16/04/2012 - 17:01

Size XXL
in good condition
for a wantlist just take a look at my profile

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TShirt or Longsleeve - Exumer 'five nights of fire' shirt
TShirt or Longsleeve - Exumer 'five nights of fire' shirt


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Gentry Lord - Garden of Screaming Skulls from
Paprika Jancsi

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Recent Comments

  • Great job, Mr Sandmanforce.
  • I have this !
  • Same here, I was really amazed when I got mine. As you said, new - unworn - unwashed.
  • Perfect shirt
  • Best Dismember album right there! cool vest bro!
  • Thank you as always bro!
  • It's close to my birthday so hopefully if it's not sold by then i'd gladly pay a nice price for this :)
  • Updeated :)
  • Thanks!! \m/
  • This is a great addition to any Metal collection!
  • their best album, a fucking classic..and pure heavy :D
  • ah..ok.., we were just 1 time in Barcelona..but at the wrong time i guess.., early April..it was cold as fuck..ppfff.. 1
  • great album. great shirt.
  • and u are right as well! :)
  • true...my lady said the same..haha
  • ah..ok ok .., well..its to much 'US-Style' Death Metal for me..haha..i love the swedish stuff u know :P Beside

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