(DIY) Possessed

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 09:37


shirt :Gildan
color :heather-carginal
print :silk-screen-print

artwork from demo-tape and bootleg picture-disc

Not for sale or trade


Doctor Butcher

how did you make this? Its Amazing Bro!


fantastic work, congratulations my friend


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks! I like this music.
  • Well not too easy to find...
  • That sounds interesting, I'll have to take a listen too. Great vest, I like how you created it from a jacket.
  • Thanks! It's currently in the works, so it shouldn't take long until the next update.
  • It looks really great and awesome line-up.
  • Great shirt
  • Love it!
  • Cool shirt, I like that album, I like their early works
  • Holy shit this is a badass choice of bands! Total MPDS worship! Looks great too.
  • Nice, looking forward to seeing the progress here
  • Really need that nocturnal for my vest!
  • Nice t-shirt ! Where did you find it ?
  • That stone mural, with devils and demons torturing souls, looks pretty cool!
  • Awesome!
  • Very, very nice!
  • looks great!

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