(DIY) Possessed

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 09:37


shirt :Gildan
color :heather-carginal
print :silk-screen-print

artwork from demo-tape and bootleg picture-disc

Not for sale or trade


Doctor Butcher

how did you make this? Its Amazing Bro!


fantastic work, congratulations my friend


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Recent Comments

  • Good band. Seen them countless times
  • Thanks man!!! Hah!!!
  • Fucking good CDs!!
  • This is clearly an 80s border. Genuine item, congratulation.
  • and for trade/sale, more insanity!!!!
  • Blasphemy, Hellhammer Sheild, Tormentor, Impaled Nazarene, Abigail-WAL gone!!!
  • Ah, thanks for the info!
  • My favourite Kreator album...
  • This one's great.
  • Nice one!
  • 5flames
  • Cool, i'll be in touch!
  • Very nice! Where do you find those Saxon and Priest superstrips? And that Huge Brocas Helm patch?
  • What a shame... :P
  • Yea thanks! My collection is growing so see very now and then Ill do an update. Keep it brutal \m/
  • Low quality camera is low but all are woven, original or bootleg. just ask for better pictures or questions :3

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