(DIY) Possessed

Sat, 07/01/2012 - 09:37


shirt :Gildan
color :heather-carginal
print :silk-screen-print

artwork from demo-tape and bootleg picture-disc

Not for sale or trade


Doctor Butcher

how did you make this? Its Amazing Bro!


fantastic work, congratulations my friend


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Recent Comments

  • Great scores. I didn't realize that there were Shok Paris fans on this site.
  • Nice score.
  • Great taste! Looks fucking amazing, Love the hand drawn Pokolgep inside, Amazing talent man!
  • Great double bill!
  • Great taste, Love the Immortal BP! Such an amazing album. Can't wait to see finished! Keep at it.
  • He can still hit those lows, according to the YouTube videos that I've watched.
  • I saw them (Shok Paris) a couple years ago and chic wasn't too bad, still sounded pretty good.
  • Thanks, dude! I have a few more patches I would like to get on there, but for now here it in its glory lol.
  • Wow that's an incredible shirt. I'll be hunting for this one.
  • Unfortunately it looks like the band themselves are out of everything, but Hell's Headbangers sometimes reprints th
  • I dig the caladan brood logo. Any idea where I can get their merch?
  • Ffffffuuuuuuck me this is awesome!
  • Glad you like it. Just uploaded my ultra rare windir hooded sweatshirt check it out.
  • Still looking great! Can't wait to see it completed.
  • Thanks! Just uploaded my ultra rare windir hooded sweatshirt as well. Check it out.
  • Excellent. Not only do I own this vinyl, but I also have the Japanese CD pressing from 1989.

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