The Devil's Blood

Wed, 25/01/2012 - 18:55
Not for sale or trade
The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood

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Now Playing

Assassin - Destroy the State from
Joachim Kremer


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Recent Comments

  • Damn impressive stuff dude!
  • Insane album!!!
  • thanks! never thought, that i could love that kind of music that much... :)
  • I got same shirt. But the print is wierd to me, its like it was sticky or something
  • a recent purchase... happy i found it... alway looking at that cool stuff of mr.
  • yeah, it's maybe not as cool as their early shirts... still i think it's a future classic
  • yeah, really cool you helped me out....
  • we had the idea to have it signed... of course it didn't happen haha...
  • yep, me too
  • ah, too bad mate... glad i did buy it... one of just a few good decisions i made that weekend hahaha
  • killer stuff right on here! like it! you canĀ“t go wrong with the beast,haha
  • The only way pizza should be eaten
  • Oh definitely. Will probably start studing tomorrow. Exciting times :D
  • Pure talent!!
  • Nice black metal vest.
  • Doomish black vest, cool, also great backpatch.

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