Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus

Wed, 25/09/2013 - 11:18

rarely wear, size: XL. price: 12€ + shipping. paiement: paypal or bank transfer.(I prefer bank transfer)

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Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus
Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus


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Recent Comments

  • great shirt - upload this shirt on sc,may thetruedrdeath can tell you more about this shirt!
  • Hiano paita! Tää oli muistaakseni aika jees, kun joskus linkitit biisin näiltä. Jollen nyt ihan omiani muistele :D
  • amazing shirt, congratulation
  • yeah... but i love the old stuff too... Dutch beat, blues and prog bands....
  • hey this aint bad!
  • wait... let me guess... it's red and hairy.... it's the keeper of the vinyls hahaha !!!!!!
  • haha... thats a cool story... i can imagine you guys were like wtf ?!?!
  • ah, well.. a bit late... but i wish you many years in good health ....
  • is there a difference with the original or is it an exact replica ???
  • I recently started yet, I think my progress is pretty much the same, about 150-200 pages.
  • ah, Mordred... good one mentioning.... i think i should try to go see them 13th august at Little Devil/ Tilburg
  • man... the madness never stops haha... we're both "over the hills and far away".....
  • think i heared some tracks back then... and never listened again... maybe i should give it a try again
  • Tanks!
  • Same opinion here! :)
  • Nää Moonbloodin uudelleenjulkasut on kyllä kaikki pakkohankintoja :D

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