Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus

Wed, 25/09/2013 - 11:18

rarely wear, size: XL. price: 12€ + shipping. paiement: paypal or bank transfer.(I prefer bank transfer)

Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus
Dark funeral-angelus exuro pro eternus

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  • epic
  • Yeah well I don't know about that. I ordered 4 patches and the new Kroda CD. Shipping was 6€.
  • I just hope Croatia is regarded as Europe on that site (unlike Nuclear Blast which regards it as ''rest of the
  • Not too bad. Within Europe it's 4€ for one LP and rest of the world 6,5€. Yeah some really cool patches there.
  • Thanks for info. Just checking. They have some really nice patches, too. How much for shipping, though?
  • Thanks! Purity Through Fire still has it for sale if you wish to buy it. They are very reliable.
  • Oh goodness, I want this! Fantastic record.
  • +1
  • :'(
  • Cool shirt
  • incredible, never seen this one!
  • Sounds awesome! Hopefully I'll witness them live soon again.
  • Super piombo...bella Bert
  • Thanks!

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