Dark Angel darkness descends shirt

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Hammerhead (BE Thrash) - The Doom that came to Sarnath from


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Recent Comments

  • because i have the same from giger art
  • great man!
  • Dang, I got no love for Twisted Sister, but this jacket is really cool. Really, really like the front.
  • cool!
  • best one I've seen in a while
  • Freaking noice man. I love it.
  • Oh me god, that He-Man is one of the best things I've ever seen. I really like the Shrine, Hirax, and Venom patches
  • what else as full flames ???
  • even in de gaten houden...zal 'm komende week uploaden
  • niet de mooiste patch... maar toch 5 vlammen voor je totale obsessie.... geweldig wat je allemaal hebt...
  • Never seen comic stuff like this on a vest before... Nice shit, man :)
  • Ben benieuwd naar het vest !!
  • Erg mooi !! Ziet er vet uit!!
  • great record... bought my copy back then at our local coffe-shop... still has a funny smell to it hahaha
  • for sale
  • cool album... full flames again.... Blackmore should stop messing around with his folk/ acoustic crap....he def.

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