Cannabis Corpse T-shirt

PizzaMosh420Wed, 22/02/2012 - 17:12
Not for sale or trade



Awesome! I love their shirts!


this shirt is definetly DOPE - only one band is DOOPER - BONGZILLA!!!


Great design!


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Recent Comments

  • BLEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!! Want to see Meshuggah again....Great patch buddy.
  • Maiden patches are always epic, Great one mate!
  • 10/10
  • hallo... i'm interessed you sell? :-)
  • hallo... i'm size small.... so.... i'm interessed you can sell me?
  • Got mine signed from Black Winds also, best album ever IMHO.
  • Yeah I thought motorhead was "eh" this time , now i dont expect a old school set either but it could have been
  • Fuck yeah!!! Keep it going \m/
  • Got the package today guys. Hopefully I can get it sent in less than a week to the next person.
  • Thanks bro !!!
  • Heaps of epic stuff, Great pics man.
  • Wish I could paint like that haha, Great stuff man, Looks epic.
  • #InBeforeDoctorDeath Can you change the name from Gorgoroth etc to just Gorgoroth kthanks.
  • That's fucking cool, Well done.
  • Killer taste mate! Fucking love The Adicts \m/
  • Ooooo never seen, Sick stuff mate! \m/

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