Cannabis Corpse T-shirt

PizzaMosh420Wed, 22/02/2012 - 17:12
Not for sale or trade



Awesome! I love their shirts!


this shirt is definetly DOPE - only one band is DOOPER - BONGZILLA!!!


Great design!


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Recent Comments

  • The best Slayer album!
  • And pretty cool album too. ;) Thanks!
  • It really is! I'm so glad that I finally got this.
  • Ja, op die manier staat Cirith Ungol wel!!
  • Good band. Good record. A-side rips hard!
  • I would fuckin love to buy this man! Let me know....R.I.P. dave brockie.
  • I love everything about this jacket... chainmail is a touch i never would have thought of.
  • Can we get a picture of the whole shirt?
  • 10/10. This is the best OG Heresy shirt I've seen.
  • SICK! would kill for that..
  • Bäääääääääääääääääääääääm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it man, I am assuming that back patch was a t shirt at one point. If not...
  • Nice paint job. Sacrilege rules!
  • One of the best! Brazilian punk and thrash is where my heart is. Seco seco seco!
  • Olho Seco! Nice to see some Brazilian hardcore/punk that isn't RDP for a change.
  • Riiiiiiiiight...

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