Cannabis Corpse T-shirt

PizzaMosh420Wed, 22/02/2012 - 17:12
Not for sale or trade



Awesome! I love their shirts!


this shirt is definetly DOPE - only one band is DOOPER - BONGZILLA!!!


Great design!


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Recent Comments

  • Gone
  • No worries! Seen a few items for sale from years ago if they're still available let me know
  • What Size is this and how much? Still interested if so!
  • Not for sale man
  • What Size is this and how much? I am interested if this is still on sale!
  • What Size is this and how much?
  • Fuck yeah, eternal flames for -NILE-!!!! Love the print on the sleeve
  • Money well spent, if you ask me. I am seeing them in Vienna this summer. :)
  • Where did you get it?
  • Fucking awesome, Wicked BP!
  • Most welcome. Ah nice, Cool! Will keep an eye out, Thanks mate.
  • That'd be cool! Would be killer as a BP! Might have to design something...
  • I'm glad somebody else appreciates it!
  • That's good to hear man.
  • Love this patch. Have it on my Motorhead vest. Will this be going on your tribute? Nice addition.
  • Celtic Frost and Motorhead gone!

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