Burzum - Det som engang var

Sat, 25/02/2012 - 03:55
TShirt or Longsleeve - Burzum - Det som engang var
TShirt or Longsleeve - Burzum - Det som engang var



one of my favorite shirt designs


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Recent Comments

  • Ihr Ösis habt Geschmack? Seid wann das denn? :P :D
  • y eso? esta brutal nunca antes lo había visto!!!
  • das is so eine scheiß geile auswahl von bands und geschmack...hahaha...könnte von mir sein :P
  • How was the show?
  • You're really talented.
  • Wicked update, Great taste.
  • Hell the fuck yeah.
  • Buy two more small red ones and your good! haha.
  • Haha, True, Wear it to a Sodom gig and ask them to sign it!
  • Haggard as fuck, Loving it, Need to get myself A Clockwork Orange patch, Fucking love that movie, Re-watched it the othe
  • Some awesome stuff you have there..
  • Killer taste
  • damn I want that nuclear assault patch badly. Been looking for it for a long time now.
  • Holy hell!! TThat's badass!
  • dude this is fucking sweet!
  • Well half of it is necessarily crossover, which is both metal and hardcore. But yeah, it's somewhat bland now truly

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