Burzum - Aske - Megarare VERY FIRST PRINT shirt, made by VARG in 1992

Sat, 11/02/2012 - 04:53

This is the megarare and official "Aske" very first print shirt. It has been released and printed by Varg Vikernes himself in 1992.

It's one of the oldest and rarest Burzum-shirts ever!

The shirt doesn't have any backprint.

NOTE: This is not the first print shirt from Deathlike Silence Productions. The DSP "Aske" version has been printed by Varg AND Euronymous in 1993.

Not for sale or trade
TShirt or Longsleeve - Burzum - Aske - Megarare VERY FIRST PRINT shirt, made by VARG in 1992
TShirt or Longsleeve - Burzum - Aske - Megarare VERY FIRST PRINT shirt, made by VARG in 1992





Damn u got one! Searching for this since years....a friend of mine has the same too...I'm trying to get the Gold logo Aske or Det som Engang Var shirt printed by Fullmoon Productions in '95 I guess. Do you know better about this shirt?


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  • Congratulations mate!
  • Thx! Agree on the artwork.
  • LOL! Yeah I'm an old man... :/
  • Wicked!!!
  • wie gesagt ist ja nicht mein ding ;-)
  • The worst. Exemplary for the deterioration that the whole patched-vest-aesthetic has undergone. This is no more than a
  • Agh sorry... forgot to see the description....
  • Not my vest :-(
  • Looks great! Don't cut the collar, but do loose those buttons!
  • "U think u have a metal vest? BITCH PLEASE!!!!"
  • Looks great!
  • Whoa! Looks bitching'!
  • I saw already on the internet somewhere worn on a festival. Just type Battle jacket on Google and you come across it.
  • Hey man, I know exactly what you mean, this is also the case in Europe, so I don't think they'll think that t
  • LS is gone... thanks mate.. cesar : oooppss sorry hahahahahhaa...
  • Pungent Stench - Dirty Rhymes gone.

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