Broken Hope Omen Of Disease

Tue, 22/10/2013 - 05:51

Some of the merch I got yesterday at the Deicide show!

Not for sale or trade
Broken Hope Omen Of Disease
Broken Hope Omen Of Disease



Nice design, although I think the band logo is too big and colors clash a bit.
But maybe it just looks like that from the pic's angle.


looks great


A very nice shirt..


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Recent Comments

  • Thanks man!
  • A jebiga, nada umire zadnja. najjeftiniji original na discogsu je 850 europskih novaca pa navali, lol.
  • Thank you man :)
  • Amazing Shirt!
  • The Treblinka times were way more better indeed!
  • Onda si mogao skužiti po vrijednosti predmeta kojeg si mjenjal. Nikaj stari, nema na čemu.
  • Zapravo sam se mjenjao sa jednim likom kaj isto nije znao što je točno tako da po cijeni nisam mogao pretpostaviti.
  • Que onda. el Midnight ya fue!
  • Boot. Mogao si to shvatiti i po cijeni po kojoj si ju dobio.
  • Färgen sitter bra, den går inte att skrapa loss. Den är lite sprucken men väldigt små sprickor.
  • Cool looking shirt a great album also..
  • Grymt, är själv sugen på att måla. Sitter färgen bra, spricker inte eller så? Är det akrylfärg man ska köra med?
  • Awesome dude!
  • Is it printed?
  • Very nice project plenty character \m/
  • Well that's awesome!

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