BOLT THROWER "Bolt Fest London" 2012 - 26th BEERSday

Sun, 15/04/2012 - 00:23

THX for being one of the best bands EVER - Discovered them when "Realm Of Chaos" came out -
since "war master" i am constantly "gig battle tested" -

Bolt Thrower as usual killed that night -"world eater" in full length .- when has this happened ever????

Autopsy really ruled as well - haven´t seen them live a long time - never since they "reunited" - have to see AGAIN soon! GREAT!!!

The complete Journey was just supernice - did meet a lot of TSS Dudes from all over europe - there´s never enough time for enough beers on such nights - Shure next time will come soon!

Not for sale or trade
BOLT THROWER "Bolt Fest London" 2012 - 26th BEERSday
BOLT THROWER "Bolt Fest London" 2012 - 26th BEERSday


hammer slammer

It was fucking great!
We were the guys who shouted you as we went in as you walked past :P


Good to meet you on the night dude! and well done on having the patience to get this shirt before it sold out....i was not so lucky as i waited till discharge before waiting in line.


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  • IMO, the best MDB release... I would pay $200 for the longsleeve....
  • I really like the way this looks, you have done a great job, a lot of great bands as well.
  • This was a very good album, I agree with you, beautiful shirt
  • Unreal shirt, beautiful, great MDB era
  • Yes, do you want it? ;-)
  • You two are lucky! I'm so jealous! haha :)
  • Fucking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the t-shirt version, but the back it´s different!!!! Bestial Invasion!
  • Thanks!
  • p.s.s and I didn't remove it from a fleshy carcass, I found it sun bleached, broken and long buried. just lucky it
  • yeah. A lot of whales in my part of the world. Whales are heavy so they must be metal! \m/ haha.
  • not 100% sure of it being from a Big Blue.
  • haahah that must be the most coolest thing ever lmao
  • Just: wow!
  • And i would like to see it offcource. How can you be sure it is from a big blue and not grey or humpback?
  • Blue whale? That is awesome. :)
  • Badass!

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