Black Sabbath T Shirt- Flying Demon

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:39
Not for sale or trade


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Kognitiv Tod - Corpses Ruminating in Twilight from

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Recent Comments

  • All I say is R.I.P. Sneedy Eddy, he was an old friend
  • Very awesome CD seen these guys a few times a great band..
  • Sorry about the picture i dont know how to rotate it since im using a tablet thank you
  • they have many more..haha.. :P ..and i dont like any of them..haha
  • thx my friend :) Area Death Productions are doing SO GREAT re-releases!!...the only problem - always in a limited amount
  • its the only album i know
  • thx dude :)
  • thx very much :) ..when they were playing with Carcass..they just played their super fast stuff..haha...on the CD are so
  • oh yeah ..thats the perfect Doom/DEATH combination..haha..that sounds like it should be!
  • cool patch
  • Sorry only have the one
  • very nice... and indeed killer patch !!!!
  • thx..but is also the only album i rly like
  • now that's some heavy stuff..... brilliant !!!!!!!
  • what else..hahahahahahahaha
  • Thank you

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