Black Sabbath- Cross Motif

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:41

One of my first band t shirts. iirc it's about 5 years old now. so that's around how long i've been into metal...


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Recent Comments

  • Do you have better pics from the Dark Angel shirt ?
  • AWESOME!! Sepecialy that Seance and Abbomination patchs.
  • und jetzt haste noch mehr :D
  • my fav is that Alchemy Death old logo pin
  • thank you very much! Really helpfull
  • Huh, its Excellent!!!!! :)
  • Really great, OSDFM !
  • this jacket gave me a boner. good job.
  • god dammit.. amazing jacket man. and a fuckin Skaven backpatch!!!
  • Absolutely great! Near perfection
  • closest i can get to it is a Laibach - Morbid Angel remix CD i have
  • I think it's cool too. I got it from my brother during the 90's. It seems to be the only Laibach shirt on TSS.
  • The most accidental action shot here so far.
  • Is there any better rate if I get a few? 3 shirts might be slightly under 500g so would that make more sense? I'll
  • Probably everyones favourite Manilla Road record, haha :D But it's a truly amazing album from the beginning to the
  • Napalm death : reserved!

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