Black Sabbath- Cross Motif

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:41

One of my first band t shirts. iirc it's about 5 years old now. so that's around how long i've been into metal...

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Recent Comments

  • mir entgeht nichts. gestern nen extreme aggression für 15 taler geschossen ;D
  • Great! I have the same. Legendary album.
  • All the best from Germany for YOUR "day of pain and pleasure" ---- S T A Y -13- N EG A T I V E
  • Getting one made soon haha! Great to see my own design on a shirt
  • Bah.. too bad.
  • Wow, cool looking t-shirt !
  • Great shirt! Does anybody know where the front print is from? Think i've seen it on some Morbid Angel shirt.
  • Hi ich würd gern beide Kiss Patches kaufen bitte um ne Kurze Pm.Hab auch Pay Pal gruss Hans
  • yes please!
  • not sure... might be a original :)
  • hahaha always time for a joke :)
  • Thank you
  • Thanks everyone ^^ I think I'm going to stud it a bit in the near future and add the Bolt Thrower one.
  • this is the 2014 one?
  • Up the irons \m/
  • theres a pussy joke in here somewhere....

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