Black Sabbath- Cross Motif

Sun, 11/12/2011 - 19:41

One of my first band t shirts. iirc it's about 5 years old now. so that's around how long i've been into metal...

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Recent Comments

  • Do you still want the Midnight patch? (http://tshirtslayer.com/patch/patches-188)
  • Do you still want this Midnight patch? (http://tshirtslayer.com/patch/patches-188)
  • Is Venom still here? Please PM.Thanks!
  • hahahaha..I gues that was the "shit" back than hahahah..I must admid he's a funny guy..but indeed what th
  • Awesome hoodie! Love the sleeves.
  • Nice patch!
  • Pues a huevo, les saco fotos con mi nintendo :v jajajajajajajajaajaja
  • Awesome shirt!
  • ay ogete! todo un fotógrafo profesional jajajaja
  • Such a killer BP!
  • No seas pendejo XD jajaajajajaja, trae uno de toma más alejada, el de atrás y otro más cerca XD
  • Esa trae 3 estampados o qué tranza? jajajaja
  • Yes, I think they play good too :)
  • Registered shipping to Germany is 6 euros, how much can you offer me?
  • cool... anything printed on the sleeves ???
  • Awesome!

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